Congratulations on deciding to give a child the gift of permanency through adoption! As a family law attorney in Western NC, we provide compassionate and knowledgeable legal services to families considering adoption. It is a beautiful way to expand your family and create a loving home for a child in need.

Adoption is the formal legal process of establishing a parent-child relationship, which severs all ties between the child and their biological parents. This can be a complex and emotional process, but we are committed to helping you every step of the way. We can guide on legal issues such as termination of parental rights, home studies, and post-adoption requirements.

Types of Adoption

At our law firm, we understand that many options are available for adoption, and we are here to guide you through the process. Whether you are considering adopting a step-child, a relative, or a child from another state or country, we can help you navigate the legal requirements and paperwork.

The most common forms of adoption are consent adoptions, adoptions through the Department of Social Services, and adoptions following the Termination of Parental Rights.

Consent Adoptions

Consent adoptions occur when a biological parent or parents voluntarily relinquish their parental rights to a child and consent to the child’s adoption by another person or family. This can be done through a formal written agreement or in court. In order for the adoption to be finalized, the consent of all legal parents or guardians must be obtained, or if they are not available, their rights must be terminated by the court.

Department of Social Services

Adoptions through the Department of Social Services typically involve children who have been removed from their biological parents due to abuse, neglect, or other issues. In these cases, the Department of Social Services will seek to place the child with a suitable adoptive family, and the adoption process will be handled by the agency. The Department of Social Services may also assist with finding adoptive families for children who are in the foster care system.

Termination of Parental Rights

Finally, adoptions following the Termination of Parental Rights occur when a court has terminated the legal rights of one or both biological parents due to a finding of abuse, neglect, or other factors that make it in the child’s best interest to be adopted by someone else. Once parental rights are terminated, the child becomes legally available for adoption, and the adoption process can proceed through the court.

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