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We represent Tribal Court and WCU Student Judicial Hearings in Jackson & Swain County.

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Our Attorneys have represented individuals accused of criminal offenses ranging from minor speeding tickets to capital murder since 2003. Although the consequences and strategies differ in each case, our approach remains the same. In order for the client-lawyer relationship to be successful, there must actually be a relationship. It must be a relationship where the client feels comfortable and confident that their lawyer truly cares about their case. 

Secondly, there is no substitute for preparation. There is no consistent way for an attorney to reach the best possible result unless they take the time and steps necessary to be fully prepared in each and every case. Finally, an attorney must be open to negotiating, but willing and able to aggressively litigate for his client. Our lawyers use this approach to reach the best possible result for our clients.

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Minimize or Eliminate negative impacts on your driving or criminal record(s).  We can help mitigate or alleviate your issues.

Traffic Law, Criminal Defense Attorney located in Sylva, North Carolina
Traffic Law, Criminal Defense Attorney located in Sylva, North Carolina
Traffic Law, Criminal Defense Attorney located in Sylva, North Carolina
Traffic Law, Criminal Defense Attorney located in Sylva, North Carolina
Traffic Law, Criminal Defense Attorney located in Sylva, North Carolina

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Excellent4.9 Based on 450 reviews from review us onPaxton R. ★★★★★ I had a highly positive experience with Mr. Earwood and his office. Mr. Earwood consistently demonstrated great communication, always making time for his clients. The professionalism of his staff and office operations is top-notch, ensuring every detail is handled efficiently. Thanks to their dedication, I successfully navigated and resolved my case. Highly recommended.Samuel P. ★★★★★ I had a great experience here. I live in Guilford county and got my speeding ticket in Cherokee which is 4 and a half hours drive for me. Thank to Nathan and his team I got my ticket reduced to a improper Equipment violation with no driving school needed. Cant thank them enough for the help would recommend 10 out of 10 everytime.Leah A. ★★★★★ I live out of state and wasn't sure where to go for help with my daughter's traffic tickets from her accident in August of 2023. I was referred to this office and I have to say I couldn't be happier that I was referred to them. The legal assistant Corissa is amazing she guided me through everything. She was so sweet and on point for any questions I had for her! She made sure that I had everything that they needed and more. Corissa is amazing and so is Nathan we were estatic with the out come of this case!!!! We couldn't have asked for a better lawyer to work with and his team is amazing!! I highly recommend this law office!!Natalee B. ★★★★★ If I ever have any other traffic issues (I really don't think so - I've learned my lesson) I'll be sure to come back! If I ever have a friend with traffic issues, I'll definitely recommend Nathan Earwood. Another attorney told me it would be 75% more than what Nathan Earwood's office charged; I swear I'm not being hyperbolic. The other attorney also told me that he didn't think there was much that could be done. Nathan Earwood's office was able to reduce my ticket drastically. From 86 mph in a 50 mph zone, to 9 mph over the posted speed limit. I won't receive any points on my license, insurance won't be affected, and best of all, my license won't be suspended.Time to go do donuts in a Bojangles parking lot. 🤪I kid, but seriously, thank you guys so much!