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Criminal Defense Attorney Nathan Earwood Sylva North Carolina

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Serving Counties; Cherokee, Haywood, Jackson, Macon, Swain, Graham, Clay and Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Tribal Court

Nathan has represented individuals accused of criminal offenses ranging from minor speeding tickets to capital murder since 2003. Although the consequences and strategies differ in each case, his approach remains the same. In order for the client-lawyer relationship to be successful, there must actually be a relationship. It must be a relationship where the client feels comfortable and confident that their lawyer truly cares about their case. Secondly, there is no substitute for preparation. There is no consistent way for an attorney to reach the best possible result unless he takes the time and steps necessary to be fully prepared in each and every case. Finally, an attorney must be open to negotiating, but willing and able to aggressively litigate for his client. Nathan uses this approach to reach the best possible result for his clients.

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Criminal Attorney Reviews

Michelle ponticello
14:27 27 Aug 19
Such a pleasure to work with their office. The communication was outstanding the follow up and follow thru by the whole team was commendable!
Pete May
12:58 26 Aug 19
My father received a speeding ticket (75 in a 60) while vacationing in North Carolina. As residents of Michigan, that left my parents a bit challenged on the best way to resolve this without jacking up their insurance rates. I contacted Mr. Earwood's office a few days ahead of my dad's court date, and despite the last-minute need, his staff was friendly, accommodating and professional. They explained my dad's options and made the process super-easy. I would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for assistance with the same type of legal needs. Well done!read more
Arlene Gunter
20:55 15 Jul 19
Received a speeding citation from a state trooper in Macon County. I was going way over speed limit which I didn't remember what it was as I had been on road all day and was in an area I had never been thru on my way home to Atlanta. Found Mr Earwood almost by random accident and procured his services. He attended court on my behalf and I was more than pleased. I did not expect such a good outcome. Thank you more
Terry Stoudy
16:04 21 Jun 19
I live in Pennsylvania and while traveling I did get a speeding ticket in North Carolina which I was going 15 miles over the speed limit which is an automatic suspension within that state, I was unable to really go to court in which they insisted I be there or hire a attorney so this is when I hired the services of Nathan Earwood. His professionalism and quick settlement I was very impressed with his work and he even reduced my charge to a much lesser speed and yes he was a great benefit to my case and I do thank him. I would highly recommend Mr. Earwood to take care of your legal more
Adam Ranke
07:19 18 Jun 19
Mr. Earwood is very knowledgeable and dedicated when it comes to whatever legal issues may arise in your life. He gave me piece of mind when my moral and positive outlook were in shambles over a stupid mistake I made. He helped get it behind me for good and enabled me to drop the heavy burden off my back and walk out of court with my head held high! I highly recommend if you find yourself under similar more
Susan Arp
15:17 16 May 19
Highly professional and a tremendous help in rectifying a costly error in judgement. Saved me plenty and taught my son a lesson. I highly recommend their service for traffic court.
Katie B
09:29 05 May 19
The staff are friendly and knowledgeable! I also appreciated how quickly they were to respond to any questions I had. Highly recommend!!!
Kim Lyle
22:23 05 Apr 19
Very quick and easy to take care of a speeding ticket that I received in N.C. So much easier and cheaper to let Mr. Earwood handle it than taking another trip from Ga. to N.C. Very pleased with the outcome!
Nathaniel Littles
18:48 08 Mar 19
Nathan and his team took care of my ticket with late notice, and I was very pleased with their services! Nathan was able to take care of my situation, even with me being out of town and with less than 4 days notice. I would recommend his service and or at least a call to his office to see what he can do for more
Shane Stark
03:16 24 Feb 19
Mr. Earwood was very professional and always was easy to get a hold of him on the phone. It was very easy to hire him even though I was from out of state. This lawyer really saved me!! Thanks again so much. And to his helpful and kind ladies in his office.
Luttita Hardison
03:07 02 Feb 19
Mr. Earwood did an excellent job getting my traffic ticket dismissed. He was very professional and stayed in touch by email and phone. I was very pleased with his fee for such great service and very little from me. Thank you for your awesome service!
Karen Stryker
16:56 01 Feb 19
I received a speeding ticket - going 76 in a 55 zone. I was able to hire, communicate and pay for Mr Earwood completely online which I love. He was able to reduce my sentence to 60 in a 55 and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!
reid Cashion
15:56 21 Jan 19
Excellent lawyer, really knows his way around the courtroom. I am very pleased with my experience.
Gerry Offenbacher
17:43 15 Dec 18
I live out of state. Got stopped for speeding. Was approached by several attorneys to represent me. I got a warm, comfortable feeling when contacting the office. Assistant was cordial, knowledgeable and explained my options. Fee seemed fair and communication was always timely. Resolution was as discussed. THX -- gerryread more
Brandon Walter
18:11 08 Dec 18
Mr. Earwood and his team were very straight-forward and honest with my case. A group of my friends and myself actually got tickets on a trip to North Carolina that we believed were not warranted and hired Nathan and his team. The tickets were reduced to non-moving violations and saved us from getting points on our licenses. Ryan, Nathan, and everyone else I dealt with there are top notch. Thank more
Linda Good
20:38 07 Dec 18
I received a speeding ticket in Macon County and hire Mr. Earwood to represent me. His office personnel were informative, friendly, and helpful. I highly recommend his services in that geographic area.
Daniel VanDyke
18:18 06 Dec 18
I was not expecting a good outcome, but Nathan was able to sway the judge in my favor. Nathan and his team were very helpful and professional through the entire process. Highly recommended and very reasonable on price!
Chuck Rollins
15:53 28 Nov 18
I used Mr. Earwood's firm to represent me at Traffic Court so that I didn't have to travel 8+ hours to and from. His staff was professional and responsive, and Mr. Earwood was able to get my violation reduced to one that should not affect my driving record. Time and money saver!
Eric Murphy
14:28 09 Nov 18
Mr Earwood and his staff are wonderful. Wasn't able to hire Mr Earwood till almost the last minute and he was still able to help my fiance and I with a case. Very reliable and friendly.
Alicia Starling
10:59 20 Oct 18
Great lawyer and assistants! Got my speeding ticket lowered and everything cleared up quickly. Would definitely recommend them
Natalie Leatherman
17:50 19 Oct 18
Highly recommend! Got a speeding ticket and he went to court for me so I didn't even have to miss my classes. He got it reduced to improper equipment and I don't even have to go to traffic school
Sarah Tost
04:12 19 Sep 18
Mr. Earwood has handled two speeding tickets for me and each time I have been incredibly pleased with the result. They made it much less stressful for me and reduced my speed significantly both times. I always refer friends to this firm! Great service and knowledagble people!
Matthew Cate
17:09 16 Aug 18
Nathan and his team were very helpful and professional through the entire process. There were no unexpected surprises. Considering this was an out of state ticket, it ended up being a easy process thanks to them.Highly recommended and very reasonable on price!
Andrew Lizotte
02:29 11 Aug 18
Great customer service with great results! Mr. Earwood and his team let me know ahead of time they would be able to help myself, my father, brother, and a friend who all recieved the same ticket for "exceeding the posted speed." It was dropped to a non moving violation with no points on my license. Sure enough they were correct and got the job done! Thank you for your help! Highly more
Gioseffo Gan
16:05 03 Aug 18
I am very pleased with this law firm. Ryan Edwards was very pleasant to talk with and she will give you the best options and the exact amount you will pay. We visited their law office and everybody was very accommodating. I got a speedy reply thru email about the good news. I highly recommend this law more
Tabitha Cornelius
19:12 25 Jul 18
I'm very pleased with this law firm and how my case progressed. Nathan Earwood and his team of paralegals keep an ongoing connection with me via email, phone and mail. Communication is important to me. His law firm came highly recommended and I'm glad I chose him.
Patricia Brown
13:27 04 Jun 18
Fantastic service. As an out of state driver the speeding fine issue was handled immediately and with professional, friendly service, Couldn't have asked for more. Simply fabulous!
Brandon Key
07:39 02 Jun 18
Nathan Earwood is the guy you need if you need serious criminal defense. He is professional, knowledgeable, and knows the law better than any other lawyer in the area. Look no further than Mr. Earwood if you are facing a criminal charge.
Victoria Bowers
17:12 01 May 18
I was a little nervous about leaving tying someone take care of a citation for me that I had never met! Or had known anything about But it would have cost me a few days off work on top of the cost of lawyer and or the citation! Turns out he did a a good job and and got it down to something o could live with! And it didn’t cost an arm and leg! So thank you Mr Erwin! Your service pleased me! I hope I never need you again! But I will pass your number along to my co workers!read more
Soo Son
11:16 02 Mar 18
Mr. Earwood and his staff were very helpful in my case. Everything was done efficiently and communicated each process clearly. They are very knowledgeable and experienced. He had no doubt my case would be handled swiftly woth an outcome he anticipated. The moment I called for their assistance, the weight of my issue was completely lifted off my shoulders. Thank you!read more
Mary L. Elmore
02:56 21 Feb 18
I am very happy I chose Mr. Nathan Earwood to represent me in court over a speeding ticket I got while out of town. He got the job done just as his secretary said he could. Saved my driving record and insurance, and 400 miles round trip to the court house. Awesome Attorney! Thank you!
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