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Property Crime/Shoplifting/Larceny

Property crimes are offenses involving the theft or intentional harm of another’s property.  These offenses range in severity depending on value taken and/or the means in which the property was procured.  Some of the “minor” offenses, such as shoplifting, may not carry severe penalties in court, but have lasting effects on one’s record.  Not many employers would be interested in hiring individuals with any type of larceny on their record.  Therefore, these cases need to be defended aggressively as possible and Nathan Earwood does just that.  In some cases, a deferred judgment is available that will leave the person accused with a clean record once all of the dust settles.  If this is not option, then the case must be thoroughly evaluated for any potential defense at trial.

Punishment for conviction of a property crime can vary from a fine and/or sixty days in jail to a life sentence in a penitentiary depending on the severity of the charge. Property crimes are categorized in two sections, stolen property (i.e. embezzlement or theft) and destroyed property (i.e. vandalism or arson). Property crime can be a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the allegation.

If you are accused of a property crime you will need an attorney with experience to protect your rights, one who you can be counted on to be there in your time of need.  Nathan has tried hundreds of cases and represented thousands of individuals facing all types of charges, ranging from Capital Murder to minor traffic violations.  His calming demeanor and his unique ability to explain the law in easy-to-understand language sets him apart from other attorneys.  Nathan is well known as a trial attorney that uses his courtroom reputation and trial skills to successfully defend his clients, or reach the best deal possible.  Whether you have a simple shoplifting misdemeanor charge or you are facing felony arson charges, we can help you through the criminal court process and aggressively negotiate the best outcome available to you.

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