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Domestic Violence/Domestic Violence Protective Orders/50B and 50C’s

Allegations of criminal domestic violence are serious as these charges are prosecuted aggressively and carry severe consequences. Due to the large increase in homicides as a result of domestic violence, law enforcement officials would seemingly rather err on the side of safety now than be sorry in the future.

North Carolina law defines domestic violence as an any of the following acts upon an individual or minor child residing with or in the custody of the alleged perpetrator which the aggrieved individual has/had a “personal relationship” (defined as was or currently is married, are or have been sexually involved, cohabitation heterosexual individuals, have a grandparent/parent/child relationship):

  • Causes physical bodily harm
  • Causes fear for personal safety
  • Constitutes continued harassment

Nathan Earwood will listen to your side of the story, even when it feels like no one else will. Our firm routinely represents individuals who stand accused of criminal domestic violence. We defend against false accusations which result in civil domestic violence protective orders (DVPO), also known as restraining orders or 50b actions.

Allegations of criminal domestic violence will have collateral consequences; such as: denial of child custody, property actions (which can result in large out of pocket fees for relocation, additional utility and housing costs), additional child support and spousal support. Furthermore, due to state and federal regulations, these accusations can result in surrender of currently owned firearms (for a period of up to 90 days), future gun ownership restrictions, and revocation of concealed carry permits (current) if a DVPO is granted.

We will discuss all options and will take all necessary steps to reach the best possible outcome for your situation.  We will fully evaluate your case and discuss the best possible approach to addressing these accusations.  If your case requires a trial then we are experienced, ready and able to defend you and protect your rights.  Nathan has tried hundreds of cases and represented thousands of individuals facing all types of charges, ranging from Capital Murder to minor traffic violations.  His calming demeanor and his unique ability to explain the law in easy-to-understand language sets him apart from other attorneys.  Nathan is well known as a trial attorney that uses his courtroom reputation and trial skills to successfully defend his clients, or reach the best deal possible.